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Contractor Accountant - CIS Return filing for just £29+VAT

We offer specialised services for CIS contractors as
well as the sub-contractors.
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Contractor Accountant - CIS Return filing

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Contractor Accountant - CIS Return filing
Contractor Accountant


Contractor Accountant - CIS (Construction Industry Scheme)

We offer specialised services for CIS contractors as well as the sub-contractors.

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CIS Contractor service | Online Account Filing

As a CIS Contractor what are my compliance obligations?

  • First of all you need to register online with HMRC as a CIS Contractor.
  • Deduct the appropriate CIS from your sub-contractor payments.
  • Submit your CIS Monthly returns on time.
  • Pay the money you deducted from your sub-contractors to HMRC on a Monthly basis.

This has nothing to do with your tax liability, you’re just deducting money on HMRC’s behalf, to fulfil the legal duty.

Contractor Accountant - CIS

When and how much should
I deduct from my sub-contractors?

CIS should be deducted at the time of the payment itself. There are 2 different rates of deducting the CIS, one is regular 20% (for registered sub-contractors) and the other is set at a higher rate, being 30% (for non-registered sub-contractors).

For example, if you are to pay £2,000 to David, you should deduct and withhold £400 (if he is registered) or £600 (if he is not registered); then pay him the remainder.

CIS Sub-contractor Register

How do I know whether the
sub-contractor is registered or not?

HMRC has provided an online service to check whether the person (or the Company) you are working with is registered or not.

You must ask for their name, HMRC UTR, trading name (if any); and their address. All this information is required to enable you to verify them online.

CIS returns and Pay HMRC

How frequently do I need to
file CIS returns and pay HMRC?

You need to file Monthly CIS300 returns to HMRC, telling them how much you deducted and from whom. The return period always runs from the 6 th of each Month to the 5 th of next Month, and for submitting to HMRC, you are given until the 19 th of the Month in which the period ends. You must pay the (withheld) CIS to HMRC by the 22 nd (19 th in case you pay by post).

For example, for the Month of July, the CIS300 period is from the 6 th July to the 5 th August. The return should then be filed by the 19 th August, with the online payment following three days later on (or by) the 22 nd August.

CIS Help | Online account Filing

How can OAF help me with all
the above?

We can take care of all the aforementioned compliance requirements for you. Our efficient and pro-active team are on top of everything, you just need to tell us how much you’re going to pay and when. If this relates to a new sub-contractor we will ask for the basic information in order to verify the same online.

We prepare and submit the CIS300 Monthly returns to HMRC, and let you know how much CIS you need to pay to HMRC.

CIS Advice | Online account Filing

What if I have questions and need advice before I make my mind?

You have access to our dedicated team of tax experts who would be happy to help with any query. These are professionals with years of experience and have dealt with thousands of taxation matters involving HMRC. We even offer 30 minutes of absolutely free initial advice (no hard sell, we promise, no one likes that). We would only progress to the next step once you are happy.

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