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Fun excuses for late filing


What was your reason for late filing this year?

We compiled the funniest excuses for late company filings from HMRC’s precious collection.

But before we open the worm can, let’s do some refreshing exercise; As a limited company owner, you need to file your company accounts and tax return within 9 months to Companies House and HMRC. We call it CT600, in some cases, it becomes CT600… And late filing fees aren’t that cute. Take a quick look below at the Companies House penalties;

Time after deadlinePenalty (for private limited companies)
Up to 1 month£150
1 to 3 months£375
3 to 6 months£750
Over 6 months£1,500

Further penalties from HMRC will be applicable, starting from 12 Months after the Accounting period end date:

Time after your deadlinePenalty
1 day£100
3 monthsAnother £100
6 months10% of the unpaid tax
12 monthsAnother 10% of any unpaid tax

Yet again, our benign Companies House is being so kind and allows deadline extensions if you require more time BEFORE the deadline or AN EVENT YOU COULD NOT CONTROL STOPS YOU FROM FILING YOUR ACCOUNT ON TIME.

That’s right, it has to be something big enough to obscure your company filings, on top of being something you cannot possibly stop! Like a tornado, a volcanic eruption, an earthquake (but really a big one) or a tsunami. In other words, you can get away with excuses like “my goat chewed my papers, so I can’ t do my filing on time.” Or can you?! Take a look at these TOP 10 late filing excuses that HMRC and Companies House compiled;

It was Valentine’s Day! (A director in a limited company)

Shame on you English tax system! It was Valentine’s Day, everyone deserves a bit indulgence in lover’s day. But they didn’t accept his excuse, as it turned out to be he is single.

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Pirates stole my accounts! (A limited company owner)

Sounds like a late filing excuse from the 18. Century. Poor guy was on course to English soil, carrying spice, tobacco and his accounts and pirates stole them all! But they returned it as they don’t know how to finalise a Trial Balance.

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Our Business doesn’t really do anything… (Kent Financial Services Firm)

Whose does in this day and age? Also, dream job congratulations! Unless you meant your company is dormant! That’s right, you still need to file your company accounts even though your company is a dormant company.

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I’ve been too busy submitting my clients’ tax returns (London accountant)

We hear you loud and clear friend! This one is to tribute to our colleagues, at online account filing we offer you a back-up filing service. Let us take care of your filings!

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We delivered the accounts to the betting office, next door to the Companies House.

Oh, you mean old Betfred on Abbey Orchant Street?! Why didn`t you tell us earlier! Filing is going digital, and Online Account Filing is your best bet at doing so.

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My pet goldfish died.

Please accept our sincere condolences. RIP Dori the goldfish…

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I found my wife in the bath with my accountant.

Errm… Maybe they were taking a shower together?! Also, please remember the saying “I trust my accountant more than my wife.” (double-edged knife.)

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Slugs ate my accounts

You must be REALLY slow to take action then! You’ve had 9 months to file them! Plenty of time to get rid of slugs! No sorry, this is unacceptable!

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I saw a volcanic eruption on TV and couldn’t focus on my filing! (London woman)

We rest our case with this one, she actually used the excuse of being disrupted by footage of volcanic eruption! How about people living in Pompeii!

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Companies House and HMRC constantly encourage taxpayers to file their accounts online, all accounts can be filed on We know how busy you are with the daily grind, you often can’t even remember what you’ve had at breakfast! Did you know you could opt for our free filing reminders?

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