Is Online Accounting Safe?

Online Account Filing
Online Account Filing | November 13, 2019
Is Online Accounting Safe | Online Account Filing

We love urban myths, we would like to think they`re in touch with reality and make them sound like common knowledge. Yet we never try to get to the bottom of a “word-of-mouth”. Well… buckle up, because this article is designed to take you off from the field of modern age mythology about online accounting services and land safely on the realm of reason and reality.

Online businesses are growing in exponential rates both in the UK and in the world by 2019. As a bunch of number nerd online accounting associates, we would like to start with a few alluring statistics;

  • There are currently 1.3 million online businesses in the world,
  • 16% of the overall purchases are being done online in the UK,
  • which means it has reached £137.38bn by 2019 countrywide.
  • According to Statista, you live in the third-largest e-commerce market in the world as you read this.
  • Recent studies say 93% of UK users are expected to purchase online by 2021.
  • The value of total online businesses is £133.6bn by 2019 in the UK.
    Source: Statista 2019.

BUT THEY ARE ALL SCAM!!! This is what you tend to think before hitting the green button on a website. Let`s begin to hoover your reservations for receiving accounting service, purely ONLINE;

Touch and Buy

Touch and Buy | Online Account Filing

Fair point that it is difficult to reverse a hundred years of habit of wasting hours over fruitless conversations with accountants and do very little with compliance works. We understand… Yet again, it takes us an average of 6 minutes with our clients on the phone to get their needs and start filing without asking ANY hard copies of their documents. Why waste hours with loaded paperwork when HM Revenue and Customs gives you the option of FILING ONLINE?

Data Protection matters #saveyourdata

We value your data and we process only the information that you give us, in other words, the information that you WILLINGLY hand over to us. With that in mind, companies house displays your company name, your filing history, your directors’ name, surname, date of birth, and nationality along with your company`s registered address. On top of that, they make sure EVERYONE knows when your filing is overdue. Having said that, we don`t put any information into the process which isn`t public.

Data Protection matters | Online Account Filing

It`s cheap so it has to be fishy

Even “online” needs a shop. So, digital business has its own physical office, in fact, it`s in Bishopsgate, London, see our website, call us, ask about us, make enquiries about us, we love a chat!

They are not real people

It is very much real, in fact, it`s that reality that you always chat with a real accounting genius called Abbey when you get online on our website.  See the grammar mistakes she makes every now and then. An online business needs to put REAL PEOPLE behind their digital services if they want to earn a reputation. After all, you need someone to constitute your needs with your business, rather than senseless buttons.

How proficient they are?

Just a bit of advice, check us on LinkedIn! Take a look at the team here ABOUT US see the faces and the backgrounds we are as ACCA as your high street accountants.

Having said that, like everything else in modern every-day life, accounting is shifting itself to the digital realm. The age of paperwork and high street products is dying, going back to the statistics at the beginning of this article, by 2021 91% of consumers are to shop solely online, yet again we advise you to make an enquiry and “ask” about your online accountants. After all, we`ve been your most trustworthy companion in your professional life for centuries.

How proficient they are | Online Account Filing

Online Account Filing
Online Account Filing | November 13, 2019
Note: Please note that the content of the above blog and the aforementioned information are solely for the purpose of awareness and are informative in nature. The content is designed with intent to ease the understanding while preserving the essence and importance of the compliance rules and shall not be considered as an ultimate replication of the rules. Online Account Filing does not own any responsibility whatsoever for any unpleasant event that may arise due to the misinterpretation of a specific part or whole of the information.
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