Contractor Accountant - CIS (Construction Industry Scheme)

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Contractor Accountant - CIS

CIS Registration Online

Online CIS Registration

Under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), contractors deduct money from sub- contractors` payment and pass it to HMRC. In other words, CIS registered contractors are to make a pre-payment on behalf of sub-contractors to be reclaimed at the end of a tax year. Contractors have to register for CIS with HMRC, whereas it is equally crucial for sub-contractors to register the same as to claim the deduction back. The benefit of registered CIS with HMRC is to become eligible for a lower CIS deduction of 20% instead of 30% applicable for non-registered sub-contractors. Our experts are here to help you out with your online CIS registration. Contact us here

Do I need to register under CIS?

If you fall under any of the following categories then you need to register as CIS:

  • You do construction work for a contractor.
  • You pay subcontractors for construction work.
  • Your business doesn’t do construction work but you spend an average of £1 million or more in a year on construction in any 3 year period.

Anyone who falls under the aforementioned categories needs to register under CIS irrespective of the fact whether you're a sole trader, company or LLP.

Register for monthly CIS online

The construction industry scheme (CIS) return needs to be filed monthly. CIS monthly return is the contractors` responsibility that notifies HMRC with monthly returns. As per deduction from sub-contractors, you need to file CIS on time which often causes conflicts between HMRC and contractors. We at Online Account Filing take care of regular filings and take the admin burden off your shoulder by assigning you a contractor accountant to assist you.

Running CIS Payroll

Most of the CIS affected businesses are not aware that they have to enroll on the HMRC PAYE scheme to claim back the CIS deductions. HMRC`s expectations are strictly high from limited companies in terms of liability for compliance work, such as running your CIS Payroll on time. Otherwise, you might face high penalties as follows;

  • Failure to submit the monthly return, £100
  • Failure to submit up to 2 months, £200
  • Monthly return outstanding after 3 months, additional £300 or 5% of CIS deductions from the return.
    To avoid such penalties, let us take care of your monthly basis CIS payroll while you keep creating wonders in your business.

With our experts` help, CIS payroll will be one less thing to worry about so that you

Personalised CIS advice based on the entity type

Personalised CIS advice based on entity type | Online Account Filing

Whether you are a sole trader or a limited company, our team of experts (contractor accountants) is here to give you the best CIS advice, tailored to your business type. As there are several ways of claiming your CIS deduction back, we at online account filing offer you a customised CIS planning service. Any questions regarding your CIS return? Why not drop us a call back request and meet with our friendly team to find out how to claim cis tax back.

Register for Sub-contractors/CIS | Online Account Filing

Online verification of Sub-contractors/Register CIS online

Contractors who are paying out the sub-contractors must check if the payee is a registered subcontractor or not, as part of HMRC`s making filing digital, you can only verify the subcontractors online. We offer the online verification of subcontractor services where we take in the details from your end to complete the verification process on your behalf.

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