Tailored services for handling the CIS

Contractor Accountant
CIS (Construction Industry Scheme)

We deal with CIS for contractors and sub-contractors.

We offer specialised services for CIS contractors as well as the sub-contractors. Being an average contractor, one need not have expert knowledge of accounting and especially the reporting matters relating to HMRC. We guide the CIS contractors on each step such as when to deduct, how much to deduct, how to verify a CIS subcontractor, how to report it to HMRC and finally how to pay the money deducted to HMRC.

Similarly, for sub-contractors, we assist you in getting registered with HMRC as a CIS subcontractor, which helps you to be eligible for the lesser deduction i.e. 20% instead of 30% when you are non-registered. Once the deduction is made, you need to claim it back from HMRC by running payroll regularly. We can assist you completely with all these steps.

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