High street accountants versus Online Account Filing

High street accountants versus
Online Account Filing

In the highly digital age, the wonders of technology have taken a principal role in our lives. Right from buying groceries to booking movie tickets, everything can be done with a click. The trend of getting things done online has invaded traditional ways of buying, booking, reservations etc. and there's no looking back.

But ever given a thought why are we still so anxious about taking services of the professionals on the internet? Take accounting as a primary example. You could just stay in the comfort of your homes and get bookkeeping, accounting and related compliances done instead of taking rounds of visiting the accountant's office time and again. Why tag on to the tradition of sticking with a high street accountant when you can sign up for its online alternative who could be an expert, if not more, in the field, fits well into your budget and your requirements.

Online accounting...Oh!
Sounds exciting. But you have reservations...

Let's try answering all your ifs and buts today. Just like any other accountant- an online accountant will try to understand the nature of your business in the first place, make an analysis of your business' accounting needs, revert to all your queries and provide you with all other services your high street accountant would have. But online accountants come with the advantage of enhanced accessibility, cutting time and money costs, advanced responsiveness. Alexa, file my annual accounts! etc.

Let's do a comparative analysis to get a clearer picture. Who else other than us ourselves could set a better example for this comparison?

Why choose Online Account Filing
Why choose Online Account Filing



  • Works by their schedule hence, delayed filing is a possibility.
  • Asks you to provide paper proof of your HMRC and Companies House etc. bank statements.
  • Requires you to spare time to meet and discuss.
  • Limit themselves to the services you paid for.
  • Kicks off working when you ask, the chance of delay is ZERO, doesn`t waste your time.
  • Works almost 100% paperless. Doesn`t require documents that you don`t remember where did you put them ages ago.
  • No time wasted in travelling and meeting hence responds much quicker.
  • Host websites that are current and up to date. Keep visitors and clients up to date with the latest happenings in your industry, major changes in regulations affecting you, answering FAQs so on and so forth.
  • Works with booked slots.
  • You need to visit the office whenever you need their service.
  • Needs you to sign bundles of papers, a tiring and time-consuming process, requires travel.
  • Open to all your questions, enquiries from Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5 PM. No need to book appointments and wait in the queue.
  • Connect over emails, calls or video conferencing. Always available on the other side of the screen.
  • Uses smart high-tech features like digital signature and keeps the whole process simple, saves time as well as costs.
  • Requires to have a physical office accessible to clients. Adds to the operating cost hence charges higher fees.
  • Strictly works on foreordained packages.
  • No physical office required. So, can reduce business rates, hence charges you a lot less.
  • Packages, able to be customised as per your needs. Offers true value for money.
  • Aims for the larger establishment, corporate bodies.
  • Specialised in SMEs, one-man-bands, contractors and micro entities. You are our priority
  • Generally, a single principal accountant hence can’t be an expert in all fields.
  • With a bigger team having versatile specialisations, Online Account Filing is the best place while handling complex queries.
  • Sets the clock up in the meetings, charging you for advice.
  • Stretch themselves thin over multiple accountancy tasks, demand an uneven amount from you.
  • Charges you extra for HMRC and Companies House fees.
  • Requires you to spare time out of your working schedule and incur travelling costs to reach out to their place to get work done.
  • Provides you free and unlimited advice along with filing and compliance work all year long with its dedicated team and account managers.
  • Laser focuses on filing and tax compliance work demands a nominal and consistent amount.
  • Includes the price you pay for each specific filing request.
  • Services available at the click of a button.
  • Uses a lot of paper, requires physical meetings, to and fro movement of documents for approval. All this adds up to the already dangerous carbon footprint.
  • Completely paperless, no/very few meetings needed, use high-tech features like digital signature, digital letter of engagement etc. Clearly an eco-friendly alternative for traditional high-street accountants.

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